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Are you ready to transform your workflow in the energy sales process? Imagine a world where your pricing is always accurate, your response time is lightning fast, and your reliability is unmatched.

In a volatile energy market with high complexity, risk, and slim margins, fast and accurate pricing is crucial. Our intelligent software solutions for price and contract management are built on intelligent process flows, algorithms, and integration layers that automate pricecalculation, sales and contract management. With algorithms processing large amount of data, you are guaranteed the highest precision and efficiency in your pricing.

With Midas, you get a digital solution that transforms the value chain in the power and gas industry, from retail to portfolio management.

What you Achieve with Midas

01 Greater overview

Integrated reports empower management to track sales performance and make informed decision for continuous profitability.

02 Increased sales efficiency

All necessary steps in the sales process and contract management are highly automated.

03 Reduced risk

Midas ensures a positive contribution margin in each sale, prevents selling to the same destination more than once, and triggers risk coverage the moment a contract is formed.

04 Enhanced profitability

Process optimization, automation, and scalability significantly reduce the time required to complete a sale.

05 Improved customer satisfaction

Swift and reliable sales process, coupled with a clear overview and offering the perfect quote to the customer.

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Increased Sales Efficiency

Boost sales efficiency by up to 60% with Midas. Streamline processes, manage quotes and contracts, and customize products and price feeds to your needs. Make the switch to Midas for a more advanced and efficient solution compared to traditional Excel-based methods.

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Minimized Risk

Calculate the value creation for each sale, gain control over positions, and leverage Business Intelligence for effective risk mitigation. Elevate your risk management strategy with Midas, ensuring a more advanced and secure approach compared to traditional Excel methods.

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Price Forward Curves

Discover how Midas Energy uses Price Forward Curves, provided by our esteemed partner Montel Group, to empower our customers in mitigating price risks and enhancing profitability.

Delve into the Montel blog post to gain valuable insights and to learn how our collaboration drives success.

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