Unlock Your Energy Business Potential with Midas Energy Solution

Empowering Energy Trading Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of the energy sector, maintaining a competitive edge is paramount. Our intelligent pricing and contract solution, Midas, is tailor-made to meet the unique demands of the energy industry, addressing the complexities of risk, data management, and the imperative shift towards digitalization.

Powered by smart algorithms Midas automates price calculation, sales- and contract management, promoting efficiency and transparency.

With Midas you gain a clear view of sales and trading activities, empowering you to manage risks and compliance effectively in a fiercely competitive and evolving energy market.

Choose Midas to transform challenges into opportunities and drive excellence in energy trading.

Why Choose Midas

Flexibility at Its Best

Midas effortlessly handles vast data volumes, multiple users, and intricate calculations, ensuring your energy trading endeavours never face bottlenecks.

Optimized Process Management

Midas streamlines the journey from wholesale to retail, complementing your existing software. It keeps the data flowing seamlessly between market prices, hedging, and settlement.

More Profits, Less Risk

With Midas, each sale generates revenue, solidifying your market position by minimizing risks and releasing resources. Gain unparalleled insights into your company’s performance, paving the way for strategic growth.

Clear Value Breakdown

Midas helps divide the value created between sales and trading, keeping a record of risks. It gives you a clear picture of your energy sales, empowering your core business.

Always In the Know

With Midas, you’re always updated on your sales channels, products, and contracts. Stay on top of your sold position in real-time, giving your trading team a solid base to create extra value for your company.

Take your energy sales to new heights

We honor diverse thinking
We embrace workforce diversity and value a diversity of perspectives – leveraging the diverse personalities, thinking, skill, experience and working styles of our employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Experience the difference today!

Take your energy sales to new heights with Midas
— it’s the future of profitable business!


With you every step of the way.

Error Improvement

"Adjusting our purchasing based on real-time sales data has been a game-changer. It’s all about making smart decisions, and Midas empowers us to do just that".

– Middle Office Controller

Performance Overview

“Midas Energy gives us the power to justify our priorities backed by comprehensive performance insights. It's a strategic advantage that allows us to make informed decisions and steer our business towards success”.

–  Market Director

Correction of the Sale

"Streamlining the sales correction process has never been easier. Midas simplifies tasks and lets us focus on growing our business while ensuring a streamlined sale process".

– Business Intelligence Developer

Explore Our Comprehensive Solution

Energy Calculation

Optimize and streamline complex energy calculations to ensure accurate pricing.

Energy Calculation

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Portfolio Management

Effectively manage your energy portfolio.

Portfolio Management

Learn more

Sales Management

Streamlined Sales Lifecycle with Midas.

Sales Management

Learn more

Business Insights

Unlock Informed Decision-Making.

Business Insights

Learn more

Contract Management

Simplify and Streamline Workflows.

Contract Management

Learn more


Seamless Integration, Flexible Deployment.


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Elevate your energy trading with Midas, where every transaction is a step toward enhanced profitability and market dominance.
Experience the future of energy trading today!

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