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The Stadtwerke Geesthacht have set the course for the future with the Midas software in energy sales.

The Stadtwerke Geesthacht – Geesthacht is located on the Elbe – have set the course for the future with the introduction of the Midas software in energy sales.

Improved Sales Management with Midas Stadtwerke Geesthacht GmbH has significantly improved its energy sales processes and efficiency in sales operations with the introduction of the cloud-based software “Midas” from Danish company Midas Energy A/S. This positions Geesthacht strategically for the future.

The municipal utility provider in the southeast of Hamburg faced a bundle of challenges: due to the rapidly changing energy landscape, they sought a digital solution to optimize sales processes and obtain a well-founded overview of sales metrics. This should lead to more informed decisions and sustainably improve sales management.

No more high maintenance costs

The Stadtwerke Geesthacht opted for Midas, the cloud-based software in standard configuration. With this strategic move, the utility provider is choosing a future-proof solution that avoids the risks of modified solutions, particularly rapid aging and associated high maintenance costs. Stadtwerke Geesthacht GmbH saw Midas as the key to ensuring that their sales strategy could be sustainably stabilized and that they could flexibly adapt to market changes.

In summary, the implementation of the new software leads to operational efficiency and well-founded decision-making. The robust and future-proof solution enables Stadtwerke Geesthacht GmbH to effectively tackle the challenges of a volatile energy market. Furthermore, by choosing Midas Energy, Stadtwerke Geesthacht is committing to innovation, efficiency, and future viability in a dynamic energy market.

To be able to react quickly and reliably

In a highly dynamic market environment, it is extremely important to be able to react quickly and reliably in energy sales,” summarizes Dirk Pieper, Head of Sales & Procurement at Stadtwerke Geesthacht. “Integrating energy procurement flexibly is our demand for software. With Midas, we have a reliable partner to ensure our processes can capitalize on emerging opportunities with fast response times.”


  • Efficiency Enhancement Midas optimizes sales processes and leads to increased efficiency in sales operations.
  • Improved Decision Making The comprehensive overview of sales metrics and better sales managmeent provided by Midas contribute to more informed decision-making
  • Future-Proofing By choosing hte cloud-based, standard-configured solution from Midas, Stadtwerke Geesthacht GmbH obtains a future-proof system that adapts to changing market conditions without incurring high maintenance costs for rapidly aging, modified sofware.
  • Adaptability to Market Changes Midas provides Stadtwerke Geesthacht GmbH with the flexibility to adjust their sales strategy to dynamic changes in teh energy market.
  • Cost Efficiency The licensing model of Midas leads to savings, as there are no costs for maintenance and system upgrades.


About Stadtwerke Geesthacht GmbH Stadtwerke Geesthacht is the reliable supplier in the region. The company focuses on a future-oriented, regional growth strategy and sustainable technologies. For example, through environmentally friendly generation of electricity and heat in combined heat and power plants or through the use of hydropower for generating green electricity. Additionally, Stadtwerke also offers products for electricity, natural gas, water, heat, and telecommunications, as well as operating the attractive leisure pool on the Elbe.

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